Therapeutic Stretch - Schedule Yours Now!

Sunday 12/31/2023 1PM

Lisa Ginanetta of Therapeutic Stretches is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh's highly ranked Physical Therapy program with 32 years of orthopedic clinical experience. Lisa is a 31- year resident of Oakmont and is a running enthusiast who enjoys incorporating her knowledge of biometrics into a teaching and wellness environment. She has personally experienced the powerful benefits of using wellness and exercise to enhanced physical health and overall wellbeing. Therepeutic Stretches offer one-on-one, hands-on stretching programs focusing on the influence the myofascial system has on the individual's posture, pain, function and fitness. A complete assessment is performed to determine an individual's specific muscular imbalances that impede performance and may ultimately lead to pain and injury. The result is a program tailored specifically to the individual for peak performance and injury prevention. This program is significantly differentiated and unique from "stretchology," secondary to the length and level of specialized training and professional Board certification of competency. If your fitness goals are to improve your marathon performance or to simply feel better while enjoying your favorite recreational activity, please contact

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